Amar Braithwaite | Award-Winning Creative Brand Strategist

Verizon - #PotentialOfUs

Verizon - #PotentialOfUs


Role: Digital Lead (Creative & Strategy), TVC Concepting

Overview: The team was charged with delivering a full 360 campaign. The campaign "Potential of Us" inspired and encouraged more minorities to participate within the emerging tech space. We developed a concept called "The Tech Renaissance". Much like any Renaissance, we chose to highlight people within various disciplines and showcase how they use technology in creative ways to solve problems and power their passions. We created a beautiful TV spot with celebrity influencers that speak to this. We also interviewed local influencers for online video content and designed web banners, interactive video, and experiential at the Essence Festival. All of the content was collected on the re-designed responsive campaign landing page within Verizon. 


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