Amar Braithwaite | Award-Winning Creative Brand Strategist
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Miller Lite - The #KickBackSeries

Miller Lite - The #KickBackSeries


Role: Social Lead (Creative & Strategy)

Overview: Miller Lite is bringing the inclusive culture behind The KickBack to life with one winning formula. You + Friends x Miller Lite = authentic and unforgettable good times


The KickBack is more than just a party or an event. It’s a state of mind. And for 2016 we want to turn it into a movement.

It’s important to understand that The KickBack is not for lazy people or homebodies. It’s for those who are looking for more than just mindless fun. It’s for those looking to have a good time with good friends, for authentic and meaningful moments they will relive time and time again whenever they get back together. Because those friends are essentially the reason they go out in the first place.

Far from being exclusive, The KickBack also covers a broad spectrum of meaning. It could be about chilling at home with friends, catching up over some beers. Or it can be about meeting at your favorite corner bar with music, dance, and games, always surrounded by good company. That’s the common thread that will define every effort we put forward. As the official beer of The KickBack, Miller Lite is the needle that drives it and ties it all together.