Amar Braithwaite | Award-Winning Creative Brand Strategist
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Michael Kors - #SportySexyGlam

Michael Kors - #SportySexyGlam


Role: Digital Lead (Creative & Strategy), Concepting, UX & UI

Overview: When Michael Kors was nearing a million users on Instagram they wanted to build an immersive user experience of user generated content (UGC) on with Instagram photos of customers that loved the new beauty line of three individual fragrances and an edited line of color, body and sun products.

The goal was to embed a curated stream of social content from Instagram directly into their existing website with little effort while building a user experience of social content that stayed true to the current design aesthetic.

We partnered with the brilliant design team at Big Human to embed our Social Widgets directly into the current website and launched our integrated platform as one of the facets of the large marketing framework for the Sporty Sexy Glam product launch.