Amar Braithwaite | Award-Winning Creative Brand Strategist
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HBO Latino - The Latin Explosion

HBO Latino - The Latin Explosion


Role: Creative + Strategy (Concept, Digital Art Direction, on-site photo and online video direction, storyboards, responsive/adaptive landing page)

Overview: America is rapidly changing and Latinos are a pivotal force behind it. The Latin Explosion is a celebration of our culture and the contributions that leading visionaries have made to shape the new America.

The goals were to create awareness for the premiere of HBO’s Latin Explosion Documentary on Monday, November 16, 2015 and to elicit an emotional response to encourage engagement on social media and drive viewership.

In order to do so, we need to communicate that beyond pride, The Latin Explosion: A New America, allows viewers to indulge in a sense of evolution and inclusion and discover how Latinos have impacted the American culture for the better. It’s no longer about them or us; it’s about celebrating a new face that represents growth and embraces diversity…

The story of us, through adversity and triumph, is worth sharing with the world!